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Welcome  - from President

Ryan Thompson,

Harvey Drilling Co., Putney, GA


As President of GaGwP this year, I want to welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in GaGwP and well drilling in Georgia.

I hope you will find this website both interesting and informative.

GaGwP is the only association of professional well drillers  and suppliers in the State of Georgia and we are extremely proud of our many accomplishments over the years.

Be sure to see the listing of our members above which is sorted by the company name and then again by the County in which they are located. This will be helpful in finding a licensed professional well driller in your area.

We had a very successful 2019 Georgia Well Show and Exhibit in Savannah Georgia where over 325 people attended. Our Well Show in 2020 will be Sept. 25-26 in Savannah and we are expecting an even better show this year.  Be sure to put this on your calendar today and attend!

If you are in any way connected to the well drilling industry in Georgia, this show is a must for you.  Be sure to plan to attend this year!

Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to receiving any input you might want to send. I hope you will contact us, if we might assist you in any way.


Ryan Thompson

Harvey Drilling Co. / HT&T Well Drilling

President, GAGwP 2019-2020

Upcoming Events:

Professional Development CE Seminar

May 14, 2020

Macon, GA

GA Well Show 2020

Sept. 25-26

Click on "Upcoming Events" on the right side of this page for all the details on these events.




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The deadline for the SAWDJ is April 1.  

The GAGwP uses the same form so make a copy of send it in to GAGwP before our Well Show Sept. 21-22, 2018.

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$73,800 Awarded

GAGwP has awarded $73,800 in scholarships since our inception.

This last year 4 individuals were each awarded $1,500.

They were:

  • Rhett Greene, Greene Water Wells; 
  • Kenyon Scott Ward, D.W. Water Systems; 
  • Kaylee Marlow, CMC Supply;
  • Rahn Emily, Breland Well Drilling. 

These funds come from the generous contributions from our supplier members which are auctioned off at our Annual Well Show.  Without the generous support of the suppliers and the members who purchase these items, the scholarships would not be possible.  
Be sure to thank our suppliers who contribute to this effort!

Networking and Learning

What is GAGwP?

The Georgia Association of Groundwater Professionals (GaGwP) (formerly the Georgia Drillers Association) is a state-wide, non profit trade association which represents contractors who are engaged in the design, sales, installation, maintenance, service and repair of water wells and irrigation systems for residential, agricultural, mining, commercial, industrial and institutional customers. These are professionals whose efforts result in supplying twenty one percent (21%) of all of Georgia's water needs and help manage our groundwater resources which will play an ever increasingly important role in implementing a long-term comprehensive plan to improve Georgia's ecosystems, water supply and water management.

GAGwP Scholarship

Eligibility: Any properly executed application will be accepted. However, a higher priority will be given to any applicant who is pursuing a degree in water well or groundwater related studies. To qualify, the applicant must:
 Be a member or the child, or grandchild of a member in good standing (for not less than three years) of the governing or affiliate Jubilee State Associations;
 Maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average during their last two years of high school;
 Be a high school senior, high school graduate, or college undergraduate;
 Be able to provide transcripts including cumulative grade point averages (high school seniors) or the latest available transcript from current educational institutions.
Procedure: The applicant must complete the following application in full and have submitted it to the proper location BEFORE the deadline. The deadline for this year’s application is April15th. Any application received after the deadline will not be eligible. Transcripts must accompany the application.
Review: The application will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. Applicants do not need to be pursuing water well or ground water related studies; however, special consideration will be given to those individuals studying to work in an industry related field.
Disbursement of Funds: The winning applicants will be notified at the Well Show.

Contact us:

Georgia Association of Groundwater Professionals (GAGwP)

(formerly the Georgia Drillers Association -GDA)

P.O. Box 910 * Hartwell, GA 30643




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