GAGwP Scholarships     

If you have a family member or employee who is interested in a scholarship, have them complete and return our scholarship form no later than 2 weeks before the Well Show each year.  CLICK HERE for the form.

As of 2017, we have awarded $73,800.00 in scholarships ranging from $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 each.  in 2017 we awarded 4 scholarships for $1500.00 each. 

They were given to:

¯ Rhett Greene, Greene Water Wells;

¯ Kenyon Scott Ward, D.W. Water Systems;

¯ Kaylee Marlow, CMC Supply;

¯ Rahn Emily, Breland Well Drilling.

Our form is the same as the SAWDJ form but their deadline is much earlier than ours.  Be sure to check with the SAWDJ for their deadline. 


Contact us

Address: P.O. Box 910, Hartwell, GA 30643

Phone: +1 (678) 646-0379


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