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      Lawsuit City of Sandersville

It is unconstitutional to deny a permit for a well in the city because city water is available. The City cannot force you to hookup to city water!

The GAGwP sued the City of Sandersville, GA in 2013 because the City denied a permit for a well in the city limits because city water was available.  The Superior Courts, Middle Ga. Circuit found the following:

The Court does find, that the City of Sandersville's well ordinance is unconstitutional on

its face and as applied in that:

• The City's policy of denying any well permit where City water is available is

arbitrary; and

• The City's ordinance as currently instituted and as applied does not provide a

sufficient process for a determination of whether there are any safety issues. City

of Hawkinsville v. Clark, 135 Ga. App. 875 (219 SEd 577) (1975).

For the above and foregoing reasons, the City of Sandersville Ordinance 6-1-8 governing

Wells is hereby declared unconstitutional. 

The City of Sandersville is ordered to pay Plaintiffs attorneys $4,000 in court costs and attorney fees.

This is a GREAT example of why drillers should support GAGwP.  GAGwP stands up for the drillers and well owners in Georgia.

Click Here for a copy of the final order from the court.

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